Artifacts $50.00 - $100.00 Page

Here are some artifacts for the collectors that are just starting out, want to buy some for someone

else or want a few inexpensive items to add to your collection.


New Shipping Prices:  Small Flat Rate-$7.50.  Med. Flat Rate-$14.00,  Lg. Flat Rate-$19.00.

Larger Packages such as Pottery or Stone Items - Minimum $25.00

or More Depending on Weight and Where Shipping to.


If you have any questions you can

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01.      Darl Point
500BC-1000AD, G-9, W-1"
Jack Co., TX.,  L-3 5/8"
Brown Chert   SOLD 

02.  Williams Point
4000BC-1000AD,  G9,  W-2"
Wise Co., TX.,  L-3 3/16"
Yellow Chert    SOLD

03. Castroville Point
2000BC-500AD,  G9
Wise Co., TX., L-3 1/8"
W-1 3/4",  Tan Chert SOLD

04. Pedernales Point
4000BC-100AD, L-2 5/8"
Wise Co., TX., W-1 7/8"
G9,  Edward Rootbeer ChertSOLD

05.  Peisker Diamond Blade
500BC-500AD, Howard Co., AR.
G-9,  L-2 7/8"  W-1 1/8"
Black Chert        SOLD

06. Gibson Point
0-500 A.D.,  L-2 5/8"
From: Illinois,  G8
Pink/white Chert   SOLD

07.Shetley Bird Point
1300-1750 AD,  G9,  W-1/2"
Mays Co., OK.,  L-1 1/2"
Yellow Jasper      SOLD

08. Bulverde Point
3000BC-1000AD., G-9
Nevada Co., AR., L-2 3/4"
W-15/8", Grey/Brown Cher.SOLD

09. Heavy Duty Point
3-5000BC,  G9,  W-1 3/8"
Kentucky,   L-2 5/8"
White Chert         SOLD

10.   Buck Creek Point
1500-4000BC, G9, W-1 1/2"
Tennessee,  L-2 5/8"
Yellow Chert  SOLD

11. Limestone Point
3000BC-16AD, Alabama
G-9,   L-1 7/8",  W-1 1/4"
Grey Chert       SOLD     

12.  Adena Narrow Stem
1000BC-800AD,  G9,  W-1 1/2"
St.Clair Co., IL.,  L-3 1/2"
W-1 1/4", Burlington SOLD

13. Oval Ended Knife
4-6000BC,  Jack Co., TX.
G9,  L-4 1/4",  W-1 1/4"
Brown Chert     SOLD

14. (10) Arrowheads
1-5000B.C.,G-9, S.W.AR
Avg.L-2"-3" G-7's,8's & 9's 
HaveSeveralAvailable $90.

15. Hidden Valley Point
4-6000BC,  G9,  W-1 3/8"
DeShea Co., AR., L-2 11/16"
Creamy Chert         SOLD

16. Pontchartrain Type II
1400BC-17AD, Louisiana
G-8,  L-3 1/2",  W-1 3/4"
Pink Chert      SOLD

17.  Uvalde Point
4000BC-500AD, G9,  W-1 3/8"
L-3 11/16",  Jack Co., TX.
Grey Chert           SOLD

18.   Adena Point
1000BC-200AD, G9, W-1 3/8"
Lee Co., AR.,  L-2 9/16"
Yellow Chert       SOLD   

19. Kirk Bifurcated Stemmed
5-7000BC,  G8,  W-7/8"
Cross Co., AR.,  L-1 7/8"
Yellow Jasper      SOLD6

20. Square Back Knife
4-6000BC, Jack Co., TX.
G9,  L-4 7/8",  W-2 1/8"
White/Grey Chert   SOLD

21. Ellis Point
2000BC-14AD,    W-1 1/4"
Lee Co., AR.,  G9, L-2 1/8"
White Novaculite    SOLD

22. Hardaway Point
6000-7500BC, Mississippi
G-9,   L-1 1/4",  W-7/8"
Green Jasper        SOLD 

23. Uvalde Point
4000BC-100AD,  W-1 3/8"
Wise Co.,TX., G9,  L-3 5/16"
Grey Chert         SOLD

24.    Gary Point
2-3000BC,  G9,  W-1 1/4"
Miss. Co., AR.,  L-2 13/16"
Orange Chert    SOLD    

25.    Gary Knife
2-3000BCM  G9,  L-3 15/16"
Nevada Co., AR.,  W-1 1/8"
Pink Chert         SOLD

26.   Gary Point
2-3000 BC, Little River Co.AR.
G-9,   L-3 1/8",  W-1 1/2"
Red/White Novaculite SOLD

27. Johnson Point
3-7000BC,,  Pike Co., AR.
G9,  L-2 3/4",  W-1 3/4"
Red/Tan chert   SOLD

28. Friday Knife
2000BC-500AD,  L-3 3/4"
Wise Co.,TX., G9,  W-1 1/4"
White Chert     SOLD

29.Pedernales Point
4000BC-100AD,  W-1 1/8"
Wise Co.,TX., G9,  L-3 5/16"
Brown Chert         SOLD

30.Late Archaic Barbed Point
2000-500BC, G9, W-1 1/2"
Mississippi,   L-2 3/4"
Yellow ChertSOLD

31.  Abbey Point

2-4000BC,  G9,  L-3"
South Alabama, W-1 7/8"
Pink/Tan Chert     SOLD

32.   Lange Point
4000BC-1000AD, G9
Coryell Co., TX.  L-3 1/4"
W-1 1/4", Grey Chert SOLD

33.  Elora Point
1000-4000BC, Alabama
G-9,    L-2",   W-1 3/8"
Pink Chert        SOLD

34.Square Back Knife
1000-8000BC,  W-1 7/8"
From: Illinois,  G9,  L-3 3/4"
Burlington Chert   SOLD

35. Square Back Blade
4-6000BC,  L-3 3/4", G9
Jack Co., TX.,  W-2 1/2"
Brown Chert    SOLD

36. Neolithic Flaked Blade
5-8000BC, G9,  W-1 1/16"
Sahara Desert, Africa, L-2 1/2"
Grey Chert         SOLD

37.    Ellis Point
2000BC-15AD, L-2 3/8"
S.W.AR.,   W-1 3/8"
White Chert          SOLD

38.  Adena Robbins Point
1000BC-200AD, G9, W-1 3/8"
L-2 1/2",  Hot Spring Co., AR.
Grey Ryolite     SOLD   

39.  Pickwick Blunt Point
1500-4000BC, Alabama
G-9,   L-3 1/2",   W-1 7/16"
Brown Chert      SOLD

40.   LaJita Point
2-5000BC, Comanche Co., TX.
G8,  L-2 7/8",   W-1 1/8"
Grey Chert      SOLD  

41. Johnson Point
4-7000B.C., Pike Co., AR.
G-9,  L-2",   W-1 1/2"
Red Novaculite   SOLD

42.  Gary Point
2-3000BC, Pike Co., AR.
G9,  L-3 1/8",  W-1 1/2"
White Novaculite    SOLD

43. Hickory Ridge Point
2-5000BC, Pike Co., AR.
G9,  L-2 1/4",  W-1 1/8"
Red/Purple NovaculiteSOLD

44.   Big Sandy Point 
1-8000BC,  Pike Co., AR.
G9,  L-2",   W-1 1/4"
Red/Grey Novaculite SOLD

45.   Williams Point
4000BC-1000AD, W-1 1/4"
G-9,   L-2",   Pike Co., AR.
Red Novaculite      SOLD  

46.  Bulverde Point
3000BC-1000AD, G9, W-1 3/4"
Miller Co., AR.,  L-3 1/8"
Grey Novaculite     SOLD

47.  Gary Point
2-3000BC, Hempstead Co.AR.
G-9,  L-2 3/4",   W-1 3/8"
White Novaculite SOLD

48.Greenbrier Dalton
6-8000BC,  G9,  W-1 1/8"
Nevada Co., AR.  L-2 7/16"
Pink Novaculite   SOLD

49.  Stone Square Stem
2-4000BC,  Alabama
G-9,  L-2 3/8",  W-1"
Red Agate     SOLD

50. Johnson/Spokeshave Point
4-7000BC,  Pike Co., AR.
G-9,   L-3",    W-1 5/8"
White Novaculite  SOLD

51.  Marcos Point
1500BC-200AD, Kerr Co., TX.
G-9,   L-2 1/8",   W-1 1/2"
Grey Chert          SOLD

52.  Slate Knife
2-3000BC,  Clark Co., AR.
G-9,   L-8",   H-3  3/8"
Brown Slate  SOLD 

53. Mulberry Creek Point
1000-3000BC,  Missouri
G-9,   l-3 3/8",   W-1 3/8"
Brown Chert   SOLD

54.   Paleo Blade
8-10,000BC,  Missouri
G-9,  L-4 3/16",  W-1 7/16"
Creek Stained, ChertSOLD

55. Etley Blunt Point
2000-500BC,  Mississippi
G-9,  L-3",  W-1 3/8"
Brown Chert   SOLD  

56.  Cache River Point
3-8000BC,  Greene Co., IL.
G-9,   L-2 1/8",   W-1 1/16"
White Chert          SOLD

57.   Benton Point
2-4000 B.C.,  Tenn.
G-9,    L-3",    W-1 1/8"
Grey Chert      SOLD

58.   Dalton Variant
7200-8000BC,  Pike Co., AR.
G-8,   L-2 15/16",   W-1 1/2"
Pink Novaculite SOLD

59.   Oval Ended Drill
1-10,000BC,  Pike Co., AR.
G-9,   L-2 9/16",  W-7/8"
Red NovaculiteSOLD

60. Kirk Corner Notched
4-7000BC,  Cole Co., MO.
G-9,   L-2",   W-1 1/4"
White Chert        SOLD

61. Hickory Ridge Point
2-5000BC,  Nevada Co., AR.
G-7,   L-2 1/8",   W-1 5/16"
Pink Novaculite    SOLD

62.   Benton Point
2-4000BC,  Kentucky
G-9,   L-2 7/8",   W-1 1/4"
Boone Chert    SOLD  

63.  Mud Creek Point
1-3000BC,  N. Alabama
G-9,   L-2 7/8",   W-1 1/8"
Pink/Grey Chert       SOLD

64.  Stilwell Point
5-7000BC,  Cole Co., MO.
G-8,   L-2 1/2",     W-1"
White Chert          SOLD

65.   Ramey Knife
900-1400 AD,  Georgia
G-9,  L-3 3/8",   W-1 1/2"
Ft.Payne Chert    SOLD

66.   Marianna Blade
5600-8000BC,  Missouri
G-9,  L-3 1/2",  W-2"
Has Spokeshave, ChertSOLD

67. Mulberry Creek Blunt
1-3000BC,  Alabama
G-9,  L-3 5/16",  W-1 1/2"
Brown Chert   SOLD