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01.  Central States Archaeological Journal " ARKANSAS" The 50th Anniverary of the Natural State Archaeological Society. Volume 55,  October 2008, Number 4.This book covers mound ex-cavations done in the State of Arkansas from the 1800's thru the late 1980's.  All of the artifacts pictured in this book came from legal excavations.  A must for any collector of Arkansas Indian Artifacts.               HB.  $45.00   SOLD OUT

03. ARKANSAS INDIAN ARROW POINTS, A PHOTO GUIDE. Ralph Lyn Bryant. A simple and easy to use  guide. Actual photos of points and information on each. 40 pages.  


05.  "Arrowheads of the Central Great Plains"  By: Daniel J. Fox.  Copywright 2003.  This book covers arrow points found in the Central Great Plains Region of the United States.  It covers  the Anatomy of a Point.  It is filled with information on collecting arrowheads and stone item. It also discusses the legality of surface hunting on rivers and streams.  A very good starter book for a young collector.  Only 1 Copy Available.


02. A FIELD GUIDE TO STONE ARTIFACTS OF TEXAS INDIANS. Turner & Hester. Identifies and describes more than 200 dart and

 arrow projectile points and stone tools used by prehistoric Native Americans in Texas Charts and geographic distribution. 395 pages.        


                                                 SOLD OUT

04. PALEO POINTS. George Bradford. This book tries to present a reasonably complete chronological coverage of the more important Paleo-Indian projectile points, accompanied by a brief explanation of heir dis- tribution, identification, origin, and production methods. Illustrations are actual size, a random selection. A Caddo Exclusive.  48 pages.

S.B. $9.95

06. TRIBES THAT SLUMBER. Indians of the Tennessee Region. T. Lewis and M. Kneberg. Nomadic Hunters  of  the Ice Age, Archaic Era, Early Woodland Indians, Burial Mound Builders, Age of Temple Mound, "People of One Fire", The Great Busk, "Children oftheSun","Principal People",and The Sacred Seven.  Illustrations.

196 pages.

S.B. $22.95

07. ANCIENT POTTERY OF THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY. William H. Holmes. Full of information and illustrations of the Mississippian Pottery. A nice small book with lots of information, sketches and drawings of pottery. 196 pages.

S.B. $9.95

09.  Early Man in the Central United States Poster - Gives the Artifact Collector a comprehensive Time-Line from the Paleo period to the Historic Period for Stone Artifacts, Tools and Pottery.  A great reference guide for all collectors.                        

$20.00 Each

11. CAPTURED BY THE INDIANS. Frederick Drimmer. Fifteen dramatic firsthand accounts are reprinted here from rare volumes and old manuscripts. Action and excitement, revealing insights into the customs and lives of the first Americans.

 378 pages.


08. LEGACY IN CLAY: PREHISTORIC CERAMIC ART OF ARKANSAS. Kent C. Westbrook. Anyone interested in pottery should own this book. Over 80 pages filled with valuable information. 10 pages of drawings, 138 photographs. (60 of them are in color). Prehistoric Mississippian, Caddo and Quapaw Pottery. 88 pages.          

                                                             S.B. $25.00


10. Official # 13 OVERSTREET Identification and Price Guide to Indian Arrowheads.  The most easy-to-use Indian arrowhead price guide on the market.  It offers actual-size pictures, giving collectors an enormous advantage in identifying and valuing their arrowheads. Thousands of new illustrations.       OUT OF STOCK
12. INDIAN BOYHOOD. Charles A. Eastman. Eastman's first hand reminiscence of the life he led until he was fifteen with the Normadic Sioux. 247 pages.



purpose of this volume is to present the results of  archaeological investigations in Tennessee. This book is loaded with illustrations and information. Must have for any relic collector. By: Gates P. Thurston.

S.B. 369 pages                    SOLD OUT

15.AMERICAN INDIAN COOKING & HERB LORE.    J. E. Sharpe & Thomas B. Underwood. Included in these pages is information designed both to acquaint one with Indian lore and provide useable recipes for enjoyment of Indian foods and medicines. 32 pages.

SB. $5.95


17.   EXPLORING YOUR CHEROKEE ANCESTRY. This in depth manual provides basic knowledge of material for researching Cherokee ancestry. Contains many sources of information not found in other editions. Includes information on Cherokee rolls, how to register, locating enrolled and non-enrolled ancestors and more.  58 pages.              

SB  $18.95

14.  Official # 14 OVERSTREET Identification and Price Guide to Indian Arrowheads. Edited By: Sam W. Cox and Steven R. Cooper. The most easy-to-use Indian arrowhead price guide on the market.  It offers actual-size pictures, giving collectors an enormous advantage in identifying and valuing their arrowheads. Thousands of new illustrations. The Ultimate Reference for United States Point Types. Featuring 10 Geographic Sections PLUS 100s of additional points and expanded sections.                            S.B.  $32.95

16.  Prehistoric Caddo Indian Pottery - By: Sam Johnson

A Guide to Typing and Identifying Prehistoric Caddo Indian Pottery.

Also, has a section on "Ceramic Art" that shows the beautiful Artistic

ability of these Ancient Ones.  58 Pages.  Newly Reprinted with all new pictures.

 S.B.  $9.95 

18.TRAIL OF TEARS  " The rise and fall of the Cherokee Nation". This renowned N.C. writer gives a fascinating portrayal of the Cherokee Nation filled with legend, lore and religion. After searching through hundreds of documents he has created a heart-tirring story of the tragedy of the Cherokee Trail of Tears which puts one into the time and place of  that tragic event with a sense of authenticity. Accurate in historical and cultural details. Adds greatly to ones understanding of the Cherokee  People. 

 424  pages.                                SOLD OUT        SB    $15.95


This is a great and inexpensive collectors book. It is great for experts but was really written for amateurs. Lots of illustrations and good information. Will help you identify your relics in your collection. By Warren K. Moorehead.  162 Pages, 



21.  FEE MINING and MINERAL ADVENTURES in the Eastern U.S.  Written by James Martin Monaco and Jeannette Hathaway Monaco.  Much more than a fee mining guide 270 total sites to visit, 75 Digging Sites for collecting, 79 Museums for Viewing & Learning, 68 Cave and Cavern adventures / tours and Historic and natural points of interest. 259 pages.  Add Book #73 and cover the whole U.S.A.           SB  $15.95
23.  Paths of Our Children, Historic Indians of Arkansas.  This book provides a brief introduction to the historic Indians of Arkansas. It was written to accompany "Crossroads of the Past: 12,000 Years of Indian Life in Arkansas, by: Frank Schamback and Leslie Newell, which deals mainly with the prehistoric Indians of Arkansas. A must for anyone needing information on Arkansas Indians.  

SB.  $14.95

20.  HOW INDIANS USE PLANTS FOR FOOD, MEDICINE & CRAFTS.  Frances  Densmore.  Wealth of material on nearly 200 plants used by Chippewa's of Minnesota and Wisconsin. A  fascinating well-illustrated study.  397 pages.

SB  $7.95

22. American Indian Textiles, 2,000 Artist Biographies. A Brief profile of American Indian textile Artists.  This Volume profiles over 2000 artist from the past two centuries, featuring over 600 artists and more than 1,000 textiles.  Thru artist surveys, archival research and personal interviews information was collected in 25 catagories. A great book for anyone serious about American Indian Textiles. By: Gregory Schaaf.

H.B. $69.95

24.  SEVEN CLANS OF THE CHEROKEE SOCIETY.  Tells the names of the Seven Clans, and why they  have that name. Tells of the seven festivals of the Cherokee. Lots of illustrations. Written by Marcelina Reed, illustrated by William Taylor.    31 pages. 

SB.   $7.95  OUT OF PRINT

25.   THE STORY OF THE CHEROKEE PEOPLE. Tom B. Underwood. The Ancient Times, The Early Times, The Colonial Period, Sequoyah, The Cherokee Removal, "Trail of Tears", and the Cherokee today. 48 pages. 

SB.   $5.95

27. CHEROKEE LEGENDS AND THE "TRAIL OF TEARS". Tom B. Underwood. Some real neat Legends. How The Milky Way Came To Be and Why The Mink Smells are just two of the legends. Removal of the Cherokees 1838-1839.  32 pages.     

SB.   $7.95

29.  STONES ALIVE. A Reference Guide to Stones for the New Millennium. From Their Hearts to Our Hands, New uses and applications. Through many ages and many traditions stones have been honored for their capacity to store and transmit energy. Currently they are used for various technologies, including computers. With this guide, you can explore the new applications for stones in the next millennium.  321pages. 


26.  Official # 15 OVERSTREET Identification and Price Guide to Indian Arrowheads. Edited By: Steven R. Cooper. The most easy-to-use Indian arrowhead price guide on the market.  It offers actual-size pictures, giving collectors an enormous advantage in identifying and valuing their arrowheads. Thousands of new illustrations. The Ultimate Reference for United States Point Types. Featuring 10 Geographic Sections PLUS 100s of additional points and expanded sections.  

                          SOLD OUT

28.   Exploration of the Tremper Mound. The life story of this people, as told in the Tremper mound, certainly is one of the highly interesting chapters in the history of primitive civilization. Lots of great illustrations and information.  S.B.    240 Pages

By William C. Mills, M. Sc.         

                                                         SOLD OUT


A history of what is known of their Lives and Habits, together with description of their Implements and other Relics and the Tumuli which have earned for them the designation of Mound Builders. Lots of illustrations and information.     343 Pages

By Colonel Bennett H. Young    

                                                     SOLD OUT

31.  SUN CIRCLES AND HUMAN HANDS. The Southeastern Indians - Art and Industry. This book covers The Paleo Indian Period, Archaic Period, Woodland Period, Mississippian Period and the Historic Period. It is loaded with hundreds of pictures and illustrations of every kind of artifact, bone, shell, wood, stone and pottery. A great book for all collectors.  220 pages.        OUT OF STOCK                   

S.B.    $29.95

33. CAHOKIA BROUGHT TO LIFE. An Artifactual Story of America's Great Monument. The Greater St. Louis Archaeological Society. A summary of the valuable data uncovered on the Cahokia Mound Village Site. There are a lot of human interest items. 105 pages.

SB. $9.95.


This catalog has photos and prices of what relics were back in 1937. This is a reprint. 16 pages


 SB. $2.00.

32. CHEROKEE WORDS WITH PICTURES. This is a little dictionary that shows the Cherokee Alphabet, shows different words and how to spell them in Cherokee. A very informative and interesting book. Written by Mary Ulmer Chiltoskey.   53 pages. 

SB  $7.95

34. TREASURES OF THE MOUND BUILDERS. Adena & Hopewell Artifacts of Ohio. Lar Hothem. The excavation of 137 mounds, and the artifacts found in them. Several photos. 146 pages.  

SB. $11.95.


ON THE GREAT TEMPLE MOUND. Nice drawings and valuable information. 36 pages.


SB. $2.00.

37.  NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN RELIC COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL BULLETIN. March 1936. Interesting publication featuring the Great Temple Mound, Le Flore County, Oklahoma. Photos and information. A reprint. 20 pages. 

SB. $2.00

39. THE STORY OF KA-DO-HA INDIAN VILLAGE AND THE KADOHADOCHO PEOPLE. Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Bill Gray. Photos and history of the Caddo People and this major prehistoric site.  (Caddo Trading Company is located at this site, with tours of the excavations.) 12 pgs.

S.B. $4.00

41. VOICES FROM THE TRAIL OF TEARS. By: Vicki Rozema. During the first half of the 19th century, as many as 100,000 Native Americans were relocated west of the Mississippi River from their homelands in the east.  Editor Vicki Rozema re-creates this tragic period in American History. A comprehensive overview of the Trail of Tears.

SB.  $11.95

38.   Flint River Trading Post "The Best of the Best" Indian Artifacts

of the Deep South.  Identification & Price Guide.Vol. 4.  This Vol. compiles some of the finest authentic artifacts to be found in the Deep South.  Full size color photographs.  Over 2000 quality authentic artifacts. Awesome colors and materials.  Accurate Identification.A necessary addition for the serious

artifact collector.


 SB.  $39.95

40.  THE CRYSTAL BIBLE.  By: Judy Hall.

Features over 200 crystals. A comprehensive guide to crystals, their shape,  color and applications. Covers the practical and esoteric properties of each crystal  including spiritual, mental and psychological. An indispensable reference for crystal lovers everywhere. 400 pages.

SB. $19.99

42.CHEROKEE ASTROLOGY "Animal Medicine in the Stars.  Raven Hail has captured the essence of ancient Cherokee teachings related to the "sacred calendar" and the teachings of astrology and has preserved ancient Cherokee stories as a way to interpret this calendar. Includes an Ephemeris through 2015.  169pages. 

SB. $18.95

43. THE CHEROKEES PAST AND PRESENT. J. Ed Sharpe. An Authentic Guide to the Cherokee People. How they lived, their history and language. 32 pages

SB. $7.95

45."New First Edition Printing Numbered & Signed"   RELICS & REPRODUCTIONS. Identifying Reproductions & Altered Ancient American Artifacts. Whether you are new to relic collecting or a long time artifact collector, you are sure to find helpful tips as well as detailed insight into the scientific approach to building a fake-free collection. Over 900 color photos to help you learn what to look for.  By James R. Bennett S.B. $34.95 OUT OF STOCK
47.American Indian Prayers & Poetry. Edited by J. Ed Sharpe, Illustrated by William Taylor.  The expressions included in this book span centuries of time from ancient inscriptions to recent and modern day writings; yet they have a unity that bespeaks their ageless character. Perhaps they will awaken or sharpen the awareness of the reader to spiritual realities of our time.   32 pages 

 SB.  $7.95

44.STONE ORNAMENTS Used by Indians in the United States and Canada. By: Warren K. Moorehead. First published in 1917.  Reprinted February, 2005 by Gustavs Library. Offers a description of certain Charm Stones, Gorgets, Tubes, Bannerstones, Birdstones and Problem

-atical forms.

SB. $ 27.95   OUT OF PRINT

46. INDIAN ARTIFACTS OF THE SOUTH AND EAST AN IDENTIFICATION GUIDE. ROBERT SWOPE, Jr. This book was written to provide an easy to use pictorial guide to the artifacts that may be found or purchased.  152 pages.

SB.$14.00       SOLD OUT

48.ARTS AND CRAFTS OF THE CHEROKEE. Rodney L.Leftwich. Basketry, pottery, woodcrafts, weaving, stonecraft, beads and shell, metal crafts, weapon making, feathers, and leather crafts are all discussed, along with photos and demonstrations. 160 pages 

SB. $11.95 

49.TREASURES OF TIME. A user friendly guide to the identification and classification of many types of pottery created by prehistoric peoples of the Southwest. Explaining not only what the pottery looked like, but how it was made and how it was used, and what might have happened to the artisans who crafted them. By James R. Crunkle.  175 pages.



51. CHEROKEE COOKLORE.  These recipes are rich in folklore. This book has a list of native herbs, what the herbs are for, and what to make with them. 69 pages,  SB.  5.95
53.Two Summers' Work In PUEBLO RUINS

Original Publication Date 1904. The following report embodies the results of archeological field work for the Bureau of American Ethnology in the summer of 1896. This book is full of great information and illustrations, some in color.    221 Pages.  By : Jesse Walter Fewkes

SB.  $24.95     SOLD OUT

50. NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS. A Golden Guide. Full-color and

 easy to use. A fascinating  introduction to the arts and crafts reflected

in the material culture of North American Indians. Packed with up-to-date

 information and authentic full-color illustrations. By Andrew Hunter Whiteford.

 160 pages.

SB. $6.95

52. INDIAN DOCTOR, Natures method of curing and preventing disease according to the Indian. Tells of different illnesses and treatments, also has recipes and information on different herbs.   Compiled and published  By:Nancy Locke Doane. 60 pages.   SB $7.95
54.COLLECTING CRYSTALS.  The guide to Quartz in Arkansas. This book tells you the best places to collect quartz crystal not only in Arkansas but where ever it may be, tips, tools and techniques of how to collect crystal, and the secrets of cleaning and preparing crystal for display. By Darcy and Mike Howard.  159 pages,  

SB. $12.95

55.ROCKS AND MINERALS.  Full-color, easy to read. This handy identification guide to the most common kinds and minerals offer concise and fascinating information on physical and chemical properties, origins and geologic significance, gems and Semi-precious stones and, how to find and collect specimens. Illustrated in full color. A Golden Guide Book, 160 pages.  

SB  $6.95

57.STONEAGE ARTIFACTS OF THE WORLD"POSTER".   Features museum quality stoneage artifacts from around the world. Comes with informational booklet that describes each artifact. A beautiful well done poster that has great color. A must for your relic room.

$20.00 each  SOLD OUT

59. MEDICINE OF THE CHEROKEE: Discover the holistic experience of human life from the elder teachers of Cherokee Medicine.  With stories of the Four Directions and the Universal Circle, these once-secret teachings offer us wisdom on circle gatherings, natural herbs and healing, and other ways to reduce stress in our daily lives.  "The truth, beauty, and simplicity of this book are almost overwhelming. By J.T Garrett and Michael Garrett       223 pages.    SB. $14.00

56.INDIAN SIGN LANGUAGE.  Plains Indians from different tribes speaking different lang-uages were able to communicate facts and feelings when they met by using a language  With this book you will find it simple to use this language. This is a book for anyone who wants to learn or teach Indian sign language.  By: William Tompkins  

  S.B. $5.95   OUT OF STOCK

58. FOSSILS - A Golden Guide.  By: Frank H.T. Rhodes.  An introduction to the life of the past as revealed through fossils. Descriptions of plants, animals and major geologic eras.  Maps showing where to find and a history of the development of life on earth.  Full colored illustrations.  160 pages.

SB.  $6.95

60.CRYSTAL MEDICINE:  Crystal Medicine is your guide to authentic healing practices that make use of the sacred power inherent in stones.  Everything you need to get started is right here, including a comprehensive encyclopedia  of crystals, gems, and minerals highlighted by a a sixteen-page section of full-color photos.  Written by Marguerite Elsbeth. 238 pages 

 SB. $17.95 SOLD OUT

61.THE MAGIC OF CRYSTALS & GEMSTONES.   Covers the history, religious and cultural connections, magic properties, mystical powers, and healing qualities of crystals and gemstones.  Lists the signs of the zodiac and birthstones.  Includes color pictures of all common and popular gemstone types.  An ideal guidebook for anyone with an interest in gemstones. 

 46 pages.  

63.THE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO CRYSTALS: Learn about what crystals do, and how to choose, cleanse, and make them your own.  Select the crystals best suited to your astrological sign.  Use crystals to gain wisdom and contact angelic realms.  Written by Judy Hall 128 pages.  SOLD OUT

SB. $14.95

65.STORY IN STONE (POSTER). Illustrates different types of points, where they are from and the age of the point. Illustrated By: Valerie Waldorf 



$20.00 each.

62."The Art Gerber Story" A Lifetime of Collecting Along the Ohio River. Depicts one of the premier Native American artifact collectors of the Ohio River Valley and A lifetime of collecting details in 448 pages of narrative, photos and maps. A photographic essay illustrating recovery of artifacts from one of the richest sites in the Ohio River Valley. Stunning images of the Art Gerber collection.

                                Limited Edition Leatherbound....$179.95


64.Guide to the Palaeo-American Artifacts of North America: This book which is signed by the Author Dr. Richard M. Gramly is the third revised edition and has page after page of illustrations by artist Valerie Waldorf. The great reference for the paleo artifact collector. Shows all the early man tools with excellent illustrations. This book is a  must for your  collection.


66.THE LAMB SITE: A Pioneering Clovis Encampment. The Lamb site, a briefly occupied encampment of fluted point-using, Palaeo-Indian hunters. Investigated in 1986-1990 by a team of amateur archaeologist directed by Dr. Richard Michael Gramly. Lots of pictures and illustrations. By:  Dr. Richard Michael Gramly,107pages.

 SB. $15.95   OUT OF STOCK

67.CADDO INDIANS. Where we come from".By Cecile Elkins Carter.  This narrative history of the Caddo Indians creates a vivid picture of daily life in the Caddo Nation using archaeological data, oral histories, & descriptions by explorers and settlers. Introduces  impressive  Caddo leaders past & present,  provides observations, stories, &  vignettes on twentieth-centry Caddos andinvites the reader to recongize the strenghts rooted in ancient culture, that have enabled the Caddo to survive epidemics, enemy attacks, & displacement. 

SB  $19.95    Temporarily out of stock

69.The Kent and Jonnie Westbrook Collection. Collectors Series Volume 1. This book is about Dr. Kent Westbrook and his  museum quality collection. It is full of color pictures of some very rare and unique artifacts. Photos and design by Jeb Efird and edited by Jack Bonds.This book is for serious collectors as well as anyone who appreciates art and artifacts.  297 pages.

Hard Bound..............$79.95

Leather Bound..........$99.95

  (Limited Family Edition)

71. D.K. POCKETS GEMSTONES. Why are emeralds green? How does a pearl form? What is the "King of Gems" ?  The answers to these questions and many many more are packed in this pocket sized book. Along with all the great information provided in this book it is packed with lots of colored pictures on every page.    122 pages. 

SB.  $6.95

68."Art of the Ancient Caddo".  Jack Bonds publisher. Hardbound with color dust jacket. 341 pages with 643 color illustrations of fine Caddoan Art Pieces. Featuring articles by Jon Holstein, Sam Johnson, Rick Steed, Kent Westbrook and Jack Bonds. fantastic illustrations of fine Pottery, Stone and Flint all from private collections. A must for the serious collectors of art and artifacts.

Hard Bound ------$79.95

Leather Bound - $99.95 

(Limited 500 Edition)

70.DK POCKETS DINOSAURS. Which dinosaur used its tail

as a whip? How did Deinonychus flick its lethal claws? Why

 did dinosaurs become extinct? The answers to these

questions and many many more are packed in this pocket

sized book. Along with all the information each page is

 loaded with lots great pictures. 149 pages.


SB. $6.95

72. DK POCKETS DINOSAURS. Which dinosaur used its tail

as a whip? How did Deinonychus flick its lethal claws? Why

 did dinosaurs become extinct? The answers to these

questions and many many more are packed in this pocket

sized book. Along with all the information each page is

 loaded with lots great pictures. 149 pages.


SB. $6.95

73. FEE MINING & ROCK HOUNDING ADVENTURES in the WEST: Written by James Martin Monaco and Jeannette Hathaway Monaco.  This unique guide will direct you to wide variety of "fee and free" rockhouding and mineral adventures throughout the western states.  You can visit 100 collection locations plus 153 museums, caves, points of interest, fairs and festivals.  Get book #21 and cover the Whole U.S.A.          235 pages. SB. $15.95
75.Indian Notes & Monographs "Certain Caddo Sites in Arkansas" Original Publication 1920.  An account of the explorations during a twenty month period. Discusses the sites visited, the specimens gathered and the facts that may be derived from them. Also, discusses the circumstances of the findings concerning the people that made the specimens. Concerns the Caddo Tribes found in this region. By" M.R. Harrington.   349 pgs.     S.B.  $27.95   OUT OF STOCK
77. A Thorough and Accurate History of "Genuine Diamonds in Arkansas"  A must for anyone interested in Gems, Minerals and diamonds.  This book has hundreds of photographs, maps, charts and illustrations.  Lots of information on how to mine these items.  Newly up-dated thru March 2007.

S.B.  $19.95


74.THE CADDO INDIANS, Covers the con-vergence of it's empires from 1542 - 1854.  Focuses intensively on the Caddo Indians of the Tx. - La.  border area. It traces the development and effect of relations with Euro-Americans over three hundred years from the first meeting with the Spaniards to the resettlement of the tribes on the Brazos Reserve in 1854. By:  F. Todd Smith.    202 pages.

 SB.  $17.95       Temporarily out of stock

76."First Hunters"  Ohio's Paleo-Indian Artifacts.  By: Lar Hothem  This book summarizes much of the important work done in Ohio and the nearby states on Paleo Artifacts.  Site locations, descriptions and illustrations.  163 pgs.

 S.B. $13.95

78.How to Find Genuine Diamonds in Arkansas - DVD.  Hosted By: Glen Worthington.  Stories about the genuine diamonds that have been found at the Arkansas Crater Of Diamonds State Park.  Demonstrations and tips on how to find diamonds on your own.  84 Minutes.  Accopanies #95. Genuine Diamonds in Arkansas Book.

DVD.  $29.95

79."Indian Flint of Ohio"  By:  Lar Hothem.  Basic, easy to understand infomation with actual photographs of authentic flint specimens.  List many different types of flint.

  S.B.  $11.95

81.THE ART OF FLINT KNAPPING VIDEO COMPANION (DVD). The next best thing to a live demonstration. This DVD last 1 hr and 45 min. Great on it's own, or it is a great companion to the book. By:D.C.WALDORF.

DVD   $29.95

83."POTTERY" Art and Tradition.  By: Javier O. Urquidi.  The amazing story of Juan Quezada, and the pottery of the Mata Ortiz. Juan Quezada, in the northwestern part of the state of Chihuahua, has become the best pettery maker of the workd, and has developed his own technique of pottery making. Following the pattern of the ancient Paquime', he has created vessels of symmetrical lines and intricate designs, duplicating the perfection of their work. A marvelous adventure!    SB. $24.95

80.THE ART OF FLINT KNAPPING. Val and D. C. Waldorf. Questions answered, tools of the trade, how to make your own, material, and many other things needed to be able to flint knapp. Where the word originated. 76 pages.

SB. $17.95

82.  American Indian Baskets I, 1500 Artist Biographies.  Profiles over 1,500 American Indian basket makers over the past two centuries from the Southwest, Great Basin and Califonia. Information  was collected in 25 fields, including the artist's tribe, clan, active years, type of baskets, lifespan, family relationships, education, teachers, students, awards, exhibitions, collections, forms techniques, materials, favorite designs and publications.  A must for any basket collector.  By: Gregory Schaaf.

H.B.  $69.95

84. A Master Knapper's Guide to "The Fluted Point Traditions of North America".  By: D.C. Waldorf. Illustrated By: Valerie Waldorf. The Goal of this book is to present illustrations that would be useful as a guide for modrn flint workers.Filled with informative text that draws attention to the details that are of most interest to Knappers. This book was finished just before the 10th anniversary of Valerie's death.  A promise kept by D.C.  A Must for any Flint Knapper or Collector.

S.B. $12.95

85. Poster.  "Ancient Flint Masterpieces".  By: D.C. Waldorf.  Illustrated By: Valerie Waldorf.  Items pictured on this poster shows drawings that spanned the career and development of Valerie, as a Listhic Artist. Shows the shading techniques that she used for various textures of stone and displays a wide range of types and styles of flaking from around the world.  Comes with extra Information Sheet.  $10.00 Each.  OUT OF STOCK AT THIS TIME

86. Overstreet's INDIAN PROJECTILE POINT PRICE GUIDE, Arrowheads, Spears, Knives.  By: Robert M. Overstreet & Howard Peake.  A Hardback Reprint of the Original #1 Oversteet Identification and Price Guide.  This is a must for the Avid Collection of Overstreet Books. 

HB.   $79.95






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