We are now offering to certify artifacts. All come with an 8 X 10 or 5 x 7 inch certificate suitable for framing. If you would like your item framed we can do a 5x7 inch cert. with mat and an 8 x 12 inch riker frame for $30.00 or for larger wooden frames contact us for price.

The cost of this service is $20.00 per certificate (discounts for 10 or more).

 $25.00 with an appraisal. We only do appraisals if you get a certificate.


For more information or to find out about submitting artifacts for certification please email me

at caddotc@windstream.net


 Authenticity you can trust



Sam Johnson, B.S.B.A., is President of Caddo Trading Co., Inc. and owns the Archaeological Attraction - KA-DO-HA Indian Discovery, in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. His interest in prehistoric man began at an early age, and has only increased as his knowledge of them has grown. In particular, he has extensively studied and professionally researched Prehistoric Caddoan ceramics, and is acknowledged to be an expert on the subject. He has helped place many pottery collections in Museums for Archaeological study, and many of his articles on Pottery have been carried in National publications.  He is in fact a certified appraiser of American Indian Artifacts, and is listed with these and many other sites: